Friday, 27 April 2012

Look at me being all social! Where's all the misanthropic media sites?

I have recently set up a couple of profile-y type pages on relatively new social sites. One is just for photographs which am starting to get into more, and trying to make regular posts. My wife is on there and has a profile full of awesome pictures and well over 3000 followers at the minute - - and there are loads of other talented folk on there posting up weird and wonderful pictures from all parts of the globe. It mainly started as an Android app, and I got involved on it when I got a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone, but the website is there for you to use as well.

The other is Pinterest, the site that's currently one of the biggest growing sites on the internet. It's pretty simple to use, great for collecting all the immense, stupid, funny, weird, dark, interesting pictures, videos and links on the internet (and your own computer) and almost literally pinning them to separate noticeboards. Mine is in the early stages, but I intend to fill this up full of utter nonsense, amusements and things that will make you go 'hmm'.

It's insane how much social media websites have taken over the entire planet. I've been reading an incredible website (aimed at people in and setting up business mainly, which I am in the middle of) called It's full of articles and reports about all things digital and how it relates to business, and there is a lot on social media on there. The reports about Facebook are astounding. In the last two years they've made very close to a BILLION dollars each year just on the adverts on the site. That's astronomical, but shows they must be something brilliantly right.

It's said that there are over 500 million daily users of Facebook around the world, and with the latest world population reports saying that they've just hit 7 billion, that's 1/14th of the entire world population are hitting Facebook every day! I didn't think that would even be physically possible.

There's loads of social media sites, as in hundreds, maybe even thousands. On that Clickz site, they have a little button you can click that brings up a window so you can share the article on your preferred pages, a list of literally hundreds! Most of which I've never heard of, and, more over, have no intention of joining, but someone must be.

It was a shame that Myspace royally screwed themselves over. They had the social media world covered, and then they made change after change after change, and make a total mess of it. The last redeeming feature was that it was great for finding bands, and when they made an utter mess of profiles for bands as well, and made it very difficult to get your page looking good again, thousands of bands migrated over to the far more band friendly BANDCAMP.

I've not bothered with Google+, much as I have an appreciation for all things Google, I'm happy just having my Facebook, which I just annoy people with links to gigs, bands, youtube videos, funny pictures, and things I'm involved with. The occasional rant about wet feet or insomnia. Oh, and Lightbox now, for pictures... oh, and Pinterest for collating all the tiny shards of the internet that entertain me, oh, and Stumbleupon, for finding randomness I wouldn't ordinarily find, but, that's it! Oh, and this blog!

I can see how it's easy to get sucked into it, but I've decided I'm not going to. I was reluctant to join Pinterest and haven't filled it up as much as I know I could, but have had a couple of sprees on it, adding some nonsense and wonders, but it will be sporadic, much like this blog. It is a fantastic idea, simple but infinite and addictive as hell!

Okay, so this post may come across as a chunk of products placement the same as in films, but, hey, this is all stuff from daily life, so I can't help but mention them if I'm talking about things related to what goes on in my life.

I did hear something that made me a bit annoyed, about how much product placement can take over when money is involved.

I've never really been a major fan of James Bond films, I've seen a few, can't say I've ever followed it, but when you think of partnerships and institutions that border on cliche, you've got the 'Martini, shaken not stirred' drinking and Aston Martin driving Bond in all the films. Now though, he's going to be drinking 'cold filtered Heineken'... It just doesn't seem right, but, they had the most money so there it is. What next? Driving a Ford Fiesta because they could afford 50 quid more than Aston Martin? Report on the Telegraph website about it...

I'm really looking forward to watching one of the Morgan Spurlock documentaries about such the thing, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. I'll report back once it's been watched.

This blog post has been brought to Asda and Morrison's Smart-Price Teabags, Cheap White Bread and Crunchy Peanut Butter and Digestives. Give me a sponsorship deal ya swines!

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