Thursday, 10 May 2012

Just get it done... If you agree, please pass it on..

This may well be my one semi-positive post, so humour me!!

I'm sat in work at the moment (I WAS, but now I am off work for a little while a few days later) doing a job I've lost all interest for, and resent, because I want to be able to spend the time pursuing setting up my own business to give me and my wife a more comfortable, debt free life, that I truly and honestly think we deserve. (That's not the only reason out of the many that I'm off, but it's relevant).

Neither of us have ever been work-shy. Plenty of times in our lives we have worked two and even three jobs to get by, doing 60-70 hour weeks relentlessly. It's time we were able to put the hours into something we want to do after 20 years of working out of the 35 years we've been alive. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Seeing even just a picture of a good friend that I've known for years on a hospital bed with huge post-operation scars and a bald head from chemotherapy certainly makes everything seem completely different. Things are well and truly put in perspective, whilst I feel a mixture of anger, upset and desperation.

Every day counts doesn't it...
It really does.
Not knowing what will happen next, tomorrow, next week, next year should be the catalyst for doing things now. Sod the consequences, just get it done.

Set up that business you want to do. Go to those places you want to see. Treat the people you want to treat well, do it now. Forget things that have gone wrong, have got messed up, have made you suffer. Today is a clean slate. Today is the day to start afresh. Today is the only day you have to make tomorrow better. If you have an issue with something that someone did, forget about it, start from scratch. Say hello, and if they say hello back, then move on. It's a new life.

Sometimes doing something is hard, but it's not as hard as the regret you feel further down the line if you don't do it. Trust me.

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  1. Good post mate. I don't know if you've ever read his stuff but Geoff Thompson is awesome for this type of thing.