Wednesday, 20 April 2011

More stuff and nonsense when I wanted to be asleep

So, another night where I sat in bed for a while, wide awake. I decided not to just sit there until 3am this time, so that the inner monologue demons could get to work and mangle up my brain, so, I got up. I might as well make use of my time for something at least vaguely constructive if I'm going to be awake, even when I do have to be up in about four and a half hours (1.45am now), for my final day before having to return to work on Thursday. Lots to do.

Since getting up just before 1am, I put all the washing up away, wrote some details for part of what I need to do tomorrow, designed a flyer for an upcoming release one of my bands (Diascorium) is involved with, ready to print out and hand out at the weekend, replied to a couple of messages, updated the Sloth Hammer website with a few images, details of a release and general overhauling, ate a banana, drunk tea and listened to chilled out, slow, atmospheric black metal (in the shape of a Swedish band called Lustre and Ukrainian geniuses Drudkh).

All highly crazy stuff I'm sure you'll agree.

Talking of demons, I recently watched the film 'The Rite', and rather enjoyed it. It has Anthony Hopkins and Rutger Hauer amongst the cast, and, basically, is about a young priest doubting his religion and calling, being sent to Italy by his superiors to take a course to become an exorcist. Hopkins (almost as ever) is brilliant, and it is generally a very well done film, with a reminiscence of the style of the 70s intense thriller style pictures, not much music, quite slow moving in parts, but gripping, plenty of bits referring back and forth to each other, so you've got to keep watching, and nothing too cheesy.

Apparently it is based on a real priest who went through the course in Rome, at the Vatican, and there are 14 registered exorcists. I'm obviously skeptical about the whole thing, what with my not believing in God, Satan and any related malarkey, but it's always an interesting subject to see in films and documentaries. There were a few exorcism audio recordings kicking around a few years ago and, sonically it is absolutely harrowing stuff, and from what I've seen it is too. It shows how deranged the human mind can convince itself to be, and what a hold it has over someone's body too.

Anyway, it's now just after 3am and finally I am starting to feel tired, so I'll call it a day for now and hope to get three hours sleep at best. I may expand on this in the future, but I'll simply post up some links for you to read.

IMDb link for The Rite
L.A. Times article about 'the real' exorcist
Wikipedia page about exorcism, includes a list of films about it

At least I can add on making another post to the blog when I didn't expect to be for a few days to the list of things. Small consolation for not sleeping!

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