Friday, 24 June 2011

Gnashers of doooooooooooooooooooooom!

So, it's been a bit of a silly week or so in Priest-land! Mostly revolving around tooth pain and problems, which means I am going to ramble on about teeth right now.

To prepare you, or to give you more in-depth reading afterwards, here is a huge wikipedia page about the human tooth...

I'm getting pretty sick of things to do with my teeth, I've always looked after them generally well, nothing out of the ordinary but enough for them to be okay, or so I'd think, but I've had nothing but trouble with them. Recent escapades with LOWER LEFT FIVE have just been ridiculous.

It broke a couple of months ago, leaving about half of it left, quite sharp and painful, so at the dental hospital, they did a root canal and filled it, temporarily, until a further decision about either re-building it or taking it out was to be made. It seemed fine for a couple of weeks, until the filling came out, taking with it a bit more of the tooth and pain started up again. I went back to the dental hospital, where they re-checked it, wondering why I was still having pains when there was no root, and they found a second canal where there was root growing, so that was hollowed out and a date was set to continue the re-building. For the next couple of nights I was in excruciating pain, to the point where I thought I'd had a stroke or some kind of aneurysm, I felt delirious with agony and had no sleep. Then my face swelled up and I looked like something from a David Lynch / John Hurt film collaboration. Back to the hospital I go, antibiotics prescribed, one of which gave me crippling stomach pains (Metronidazole, steer clear folks, it's bad mmm'kay), so I had to stop taking that. I continued with the other antibiotic and as many painkillers as I could muster, the swelling went down and I finally had the tooth removed.

I wish I could have the lot whipped out.

Too much hassle.
Far too painful.
Anyone who hasn't experienced severe toothache just really cannot comprehend what it feels like. At one point I actually thought I was dying and having some kind of out of body experience, it was that intense. At others, as I say, I thought I was having some kind of stroke or reaction. It's ludicrous.

I just want to take a month off work at some point, have them all taken out, have chance to recover from the immense amounts of pain I'll be in from the removal process and have false teeth made. It just seems to make far more sense.

I am just amazed that via the process of evolution, human teeth haven't improved much, granted, it's all very clever how two lots grow in your life, small ones when you're small, big ones when you're big (which makes us DIPHYODONT, yes indeed!), but, why not three or more (POLYPHYODONT), (don't say you don't learn anything from this blog!)? or why not one 'super set'? If the roots are the root cause of the pain, and they get taken out so often, why do they have to be linked directly to your brain's pain receptors, or, whatever the mad crazy science and biology is that I don't really understand...

At least my teeth don't look like this... this picture is GRIM!

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