Thursday, 31 March 2011

Why deny us our right to be healthy?

So, after feeling like, because of the change of season I might start feeling a bit better and struggling less, I've got ill! Typical eh. I've been feeling a little rough for a little while, although, to be honest, I've not really felt 100% for a lot of years, always got the edgings of a cold or feeling a tad run down. Tuesday night though, them goddamn flu feelings started to riddle my limbs and muscles, and then Wednesday morning I woke up with a throat feeling like it was being stabbed with lobotomy ice picks, a head that felt bashed again the wall, the sides of my neck feeling swollen and sore, and my body felt like it had been dragged down the stairs backwards a few times.

Lovely time! I think not.

So, I am currently off work. I'll probably be pulled into the office and given a 'talk' about my sickness, despite being fully aware. I don't particularly WANT to be off, I don't want to be ill, but, I don't have any choice in the matter.

Some of you may say, 'if you've REALLY got flu...' or 'if you've got the flu REALLY bad, you wouldn't be out of bed, you wouldn't be able to move, you wouldn't be able to sit at a computer and do this', well, see my previous posts. I have a compulsion to do something, and whilst I am sat here, massively uncomfortable, actually in pain, especially in my back, I can't just wallow in bed.

Lots of reading about Influenza

It brings me onto a point though (that rarely happens)... Since the flu jab is available, why isn't it available FOR EVERYONE!!! We all pay National Insurance / taxes / contribute somehow (well, most of us do anyway), so why are there only certain types of people eligible for this? Surely it's in the interest of every single business with staff out there that their workforce have more opportunity to be healthy. Surely it's in the interest of the surgeries and hospitals to give us more chance to make less visits to their services, passing on the illness to other people in the waiting rooms whilst we're at it. Surely it just makes sense that since there is actually something of a preventative measure out there for something that affects a large percentage of the human race at some point, we should be allowed to have it?

After a little bit of a read up (following the links from THIS site), it seems that not ALL people would be able to have it. Vegans are ruled out, but surely, given how advanced our scientists actually are these days, now that they've managed to work out a way of creating a vaccine out of hen's eggs, they can then recreate it synthetically, without the use of anything to do with animals? Or, am I just missing the point of humans trying to prove that they are the superior race on this planet so let's keep using the animals for our whims...

That's an entirely different rant I guess.

Poultry workers get the vaccine, but I don't.
There are 7 criteria for the vaccine, and I don't fit into any of them, despite being someone who pays the usual 30% (THIRTY PERCENT!!! what an absolute injustice this really is!) of my EARNT, slogged for, survived for, kept healthy for, wage.

Just because I'm not old, pregnant, caring for someone or slaughtering chickens, it means I can't have a chance at being saved from getting ill, spreading the virus to others that don't fit the criteria.

I know it's possible to pay for it, but why the hell should I? Seriously. I already pay out pretty much everything I earn, if it's not for tax and NI, it's for being able to live somewhere, then tax because of where I live, then for food, then tax on each of the products I buy, then money for all the services I receive, to be able to live.

I know everyone knows all about this.
I had to get it out of my system though.
I just despair at times with how difficult and how much of a con living is.

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