Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Daylight Saving Time.. It's time for it to go.

Winter is now over.
The clocks have gone forward.
About time really.

After spending pretty much every day of the last 4 or 5 months struggling to get out of bed, things seem to be getting a touch easier, and I am positive I am affected dramatically by the seasons, more than a healthy average anyway.

To be totally honest though, it really is time they got rid of the ludicrous Daylight Saving Time nonsense.

Of course it benefits some people, mostly the people with lots of money and who own business it seems, but, to you and I, general folk, it causes nothing but trouble, imbalances in our circadian rhythms which take a while to get back in sync afterwards and is, to top any of that off, simply pointless, another stupid thing to remember that we have no control over.

Have yourself a read about Daylight Saving Time
Have yourself a read about Circadian Rhythms

Everyone I know that I have ever talked to about it, when it occurs, when people forget, when things are affected by this one item, says that it should just be done away with. We all know it has no relevance to our lives any more, so, why should it still exist?

I did a lot of reading up about online petitions, votes and such, and to whether they actually make a difference and are a valid way of changing things, and unfortunately, it seems that in the day where your email address is a valuable commodity for company mailing lists to spam you, it renders online petitions quite invalid and holding little sway. I find this a huge shame as well, that, with the technological advances made on the planet, that this is the case.

So, I'm afraid, whilst I would like to be setting up a real and potentially time-changing petition, it is not in my power. If anyone knows of any way around this, please get in touch, I am more than happy to be involved.

It remains that all we can do is have this 'bit of fun' vote instead, just 'out of interest' and 'let's see what happens'... Now I've said all this, you'll probably all think I'm mental for having such vehemence against it. I guess only time will tell, hey!

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