Thursday, 14 July 2011

'If we are victorious in one more battle, we shall be utterly ruined.'

I couldn't resist posting this up as well. 'A Pyrrhic Victory' is such a brilliant word / phrase, and this is a cracking extra cartoon to relate to it...

It's funny, I've just posted up the previous outpouring, after taking a good 24 hours to put it together, re-read, umm-ed and ahh-ed over hitting that 'Publish' button, but, I actually feel better for it. Whether it's just because I don't feel quite as tired as I did yesterday (despite having yet another rubbish sleep), or whether it's just because it's another small purging from this mind that hordes bad feelings, bad memories and misanthropy, I'm not too sure, but, hey, it's out there.

I'll stop now before I embark on another long ramble on the subject. I just wanted to add that cartoon.

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