Thursday, 5 December 2013

Bit windy outside!!

Just thought to myself that if we did have anything left in the garden to blow down again (wall, fences, trees) it would have done today. Satisfied that nothing could blow over I opened the door and was greeted with both bins blown over and loads of crap all over the garden leading to me having to pick it all up in the rain. I'm going to stop thinking completely.

I've been ill for a few weeks now, yesterday was the first day in a long while I've felt genuinely productive. Managed to stay out of bed despite only having another 3-4 hours sleep. Did loads at home, caught up on some work, cleared some stuff in a room, made an awesome tea for me and Sarah, had a band practice, then came home and proof read a big essay that Sarah had done, and today, despite a similarly bad and short sleep, I'm not doing too bad again. Hopefully this wind is some kind of metaphor about blowing the cobwebs of illness and unproductive times and I can get back to feeling vaguely alive again.

We'll see eh.

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